Term 4
We are learning to: share our growing knowledge of 'spring time' through visual art.
Success criteria: I can use spring colours and talk about my picture.
Comment: in spring the grass grows and the trees get new leaves.

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Term 4
We are learning to: express the seasons through dance
Success criteria: create our own movements and link them together using a range of movement styles
Comment: we have been really enjoying creating our winter dance and learning the moves.


Term 4
We are learning to: sing songs about seasons for our integrated topic. We are learning the songs 'Let it go' and 'In summer'.
Success criteria: I can sing with enthusiasm
Comment: The children have also been learning to make sounds in different ways.

We will be performing at our School Gala.


Term 4
We are learning to: throw accurately, jump further and travel faster
Success criteria:
-I can jump from one foot to two feet.
-Throw accurately using under and over arm.
-Run a set distance maintaining directionality
Comment: we are all really enjoying PE and the children are looking forward to the Kakano Run Jump Throw event.


Term 4
Success criteria: I can start my writing by myself and attempt to spell familiar and new words.
Comment: the children are showing a real interest in writing this term. It is exciting to see the progress they are making.

Garden to Table

Today for our Garden to Table session we did some weeding, watering and harvested the broad beans. We then went to the hall and made some delicious broad bean dip, broad bean mint and feta salad and a radish dip. We also had carrot sticks, rice crackers and french bread. Happy times

Maths home learning

Cody was really excited to get his silver award. Well done Cody.


Cody has been really enjoying creating with the blocks this week. All the photos I have posted he took himself. Cody is really proud of his work. Cody is developing his communication skills and he is learning how to work as a team when he is building. Keep up the great work Cody.

More Block building

My block building


Our Bee Movie - Room 16 Bee-ing Awesome
Term 3

For our Inquiry

We are learning to: ask questions to find out more information about bees.
Success Criteria: I can find the answers to my questions

We started by finding out what we knew about bees, asked lots of questions. And then we answered them.

We even made a video of our learning.

The main idea to this movie was:

Be kind to Bees. We wanted to create a video that showed our community that New Zealand honey bees are really important and that we should protect and care for them. Our video showcases our whole inquiry, from the beginning to the end. It shows the children’s initial anger toward bees and how this changed to them loving and respecting them at the end. It has the cute factor and shows the fun learning we do in the Reception class at Oaklands School. Enjoy :-)

Our Bee Movie


Date: Term 3 Maths Strand Measurement
We are learning to: Compare lengths from the same starting point
Success criteria: Find things in the garden that are the bigger than a pen

We are learning to: document our own learning

Integrated Topic Term 3

Integrated Topic Term 3

Room 15/16 have been learning about Bees.

Our class became interested in bees when a student was stung recently . The students in the class were angry towards the bees. The National Beekeepers Association were running a competition to promote the importance of bees and we thought this would be a great opportunity for the class to learn why we need bees.

We created a video which showcases our whole inquiry, from the beginning to the end. The video shows the whole inquiry ie: what we knew at the beginning, what we wanted to find out, what we learned, and what we did about it.  It shows the children’s initial anger toward bees and how this changed to them loving and respecting them at the end. We were lucky enough to have some great visiters talk to us about bees and the class even meet a real beekeeper!

The students shared the information they learnt in the Kakano assembly and then we showed our video in the whole school assembly.



This week we started a new topic about Bees.

The children's interest in this topic came when Kade was stung by a bee in the playground. A number of our boys wanted to kill the bee for hurting Kade.

We want to teach the children that Bees are special insects and so they don't want to kill them in the future.

As a hook into this topic we made honey sandwiches in the staff room. Yummy!

Michelle (Cody's mum) came in and taught us about the life cycle of a bee and about bee hives.

Look at Cody all dressed up 

Reading term 3

We are learning to: read and sound out word endings
Success criteria: I can recognise and read words that end with 's'
Comment: when there is an 's' it means more than one.


June 2014
Every Friday we have a discovery time in the morning. We go to the hall just after 9 o'clock and the teachers introduce what activity they will be doing in their classroom for the morning. The children then choose where they would like to go first. During discovery we focus on the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum Framework. Today's activities all relate to children managing themselves.


We are learning to: read our fast words
Success criteria: I can point to words I know


We are learning to: make a controlled throw.

Success criteria: I can throw a bean bag to hit a target. 

This has been a fun unit and enjoyed by all

We often warm up with a game of Tricky tag.

Practicing our throwing skills with a partner.

Ten pin bowling

Target practice 


June 2014 

I am learning to draw a picture plan and sound out the first letter sounds of words

Success criteria: I can draw a picture and write a story about our trip into the CBD. 

Comment: Today we wrote about the fun time we had with friends on our trip into the city


June 2014

We are learning about position and orientation in maths at the moment

We are learning to: describe the position of an object
Success criteria: I can direct someone through a maze using instructions related to movement and position

Comment: today we made mazes and moved a Lego person through the maze using directional instructions.

Integrated topic T2

In our integrated topic this term We have been learning about our identity.

Success criteria: I can use a timeline to talk about my life.

We have all really enjoyed this unit and it has been great sharing interesting stories about our past. We brought our preschool/kindy books to school and shared them with each other (this was highlight of the unit). We talked about wear we live and how our city also informs our identity. To help us understand this more we went on a class trip into Christchurch's CBD.

Reading Lions group 9.6.14

We are learning to: recognise our red and blue fast words
Sucess criteria: I can read: at, the, here